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Like coral reef, commerce globally consists of many organisms that just happen to be businesses serving other businesses or the general public. Coral Commerce provides the services that enable them to do that, like a virtual reef. Called technical aggregation or payment orchestration, we help you onboard partners and sponsors efficiently and securely. This is why we say: 'coral connects commerce communities'.


Twenty five years of ecommerce payments experience behind a smart checkout service.


Building towards to a healthy digital eco system with profitable merchants growing strong .


Using data to help merchants grow their revenue and strive towards financial success.

Our Services

We provide imbedded smart checkout services with robust payment orchestration tools, and return relevant data to help businesses grow!

Consumer Payments

Accept payments for all the popular payment & card brands, via our smart checkouts that can be fully imbedded and configured for your user journey designs.

Payment Orchestration

We create the digital plumbing for your business, enabling you to connect to any partner or sponsor globally, using one secure API or hosted checkout service.

Smart Checkouts

Our hosted checkout pages are smart and help to securely capture payments from your customers, fully imbedded to ensure your users experience your brand at all times.

Management Tools

Check your transactions in realtime, search your transaction history for customer support, and easily grow your business with targeted reporting.

Risk Management

We provide the capability for you to manage your risk through dispute management, fraud prevention, and 3rd party integration tools. All fully PCI DSS and SCA compliant.

'Brandable' Payments

Everything your customer sees on our platform, from the hosted checkouts to the admin portals, can be co branded to your taste. Design checkouts to fit your customer journeys.

Smooth Checkouts

*Statista states that almost 70% of purchases initiated, are abandoned, so we built our checkouts to help smooth your customers journey and reduce abandonment!

User Journey Friendly

Our checkouts are designed to accommodate your UI, as we understand every business's user journey is different.


Our checkouts protect PCI DSS compliance, whilst allowing changes to every stage to accommodate your users, all managed by our design team.


Our checkouts are designed to be naked, patiently waiting for you to clothe them in your colors and brand, all powered by Coral Commerce.

Secure Checkouts

We like to refer to the anemone's protection of the clownfish when we talk about security, because our checkouts protect our merchants and their customers the same way!


We use an external auditor to certify our PCI DSS compliance, the industry standard for payment security.


We tokenize customer payment options and store them securely on behalf of customers who opt in.


We screen & log every action, every instruction, every interaction with our checkouts and report back to you our findings.

Smart Checkouts

Our service focuses on you, the client, helping you make sense of what happens after the Buy Button!

Business Reports

Automated reporting helps you track and understand your transactions and customer markets.

Business Vitality

Using anonymized data to help track your business performance, against targets, competitors and markets.

Dispute Management

Dispute management for all transaction types and color mapping to highlight progress.

Our Plans

Commerce communities are as diverse as fish on a reef, and we acknowledge everyone has their own specific requirements.


Variable Fee Per Transaction
  • Card & Mobile Payments
  • Smart Checkout
  • Customizable
  • Brandable
  • Management Portal
  • Business Vitality Report


Variable Fee Per Transaction
  • Card & Mobile Payments
  • Smart Checkouts
  • Merchant Onboarding Tools
  • Branded Domain
  • Payment Sponsor Integrations
  • Management Portal


Variable Fee Per Transactions
  • Card & Mobile Payments
  • Alternative Payments
  • Self Branded Merchant Portals
  • Self Branded Domains
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Various Management Portals

Ready to kickstart your digital business?

Coral enables commerce for companies like yours, whether bank, ISO / MSP, or merchant, app or web based, we'd be honored to help you grow too!


Our management team is here to serve our communities of extraordinary partners and clients.

Adam Collins


Jeffrey Ohrenstein

Chairman & Director

Simon Boulton

Finance Director

Johan de Lange


Jose Pita


Our Culture

Coral connects commerce communities - thats our slogan and we stand by it. We believe a healthy commerce environment works just like a coral reef!


Like coral reef, commerce depends on value exchanged, all parties benefit, all parties grow, resulting in a healthy online economy.


Groupers and eels communicate to catch prey, and in commerce partners, merchants, and sponsors are all dependent on one another in the same way.


A healthy reef grows and glows! We create smart checkouts that feed back relevant data to help our partners and their merchants grow.


The anemone is our symbol for security, and like clownfish our partners, merchants and banks can feel completely secure by our PCI DSS certified compliance.


Like goby fish sift sand we spend time analysing data to define metrics by which our clients can keep their revenue growing and businesses healthy.


Like the ever changing life on a reef, we believe continuous innovation contributes to a healthy commerce environment.

Our Partners