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We enable you to accept and make payments online, connecting you to banks and markets globally.

Feeling abandoned?

70% of online purchases lost at checkout, a stat we are helping to change for the positive.

Need your own checkout?

Hosted checkouts don't need to be ugly. Change our templates to fit your UI.

PCI compliance headache?

Consulting and audit services to help you. Flexible and compliant hosted integrations for your use.

Commerce Communities

Accept Payments

Customers can pay merchants using credit cards, debit cards, mobile money, EFT / Bank Accounts, vouchers and wallets.

Coral's payment service enables businesses to accept payments online for apps and websites. Merchants are able to connect to our service via both headless and hosted APIs. For embedded checkouts, businesses can use our extensive library of hosted templates.

Commerce Communities

Make Payments

Business can pay service providers using cards, mobile money, EFT / Bank Accounts, and wallets where available.

Our Business-to-Business payments are easily implemented by businesses and merchants alike. Payments to suppliers, pay-outs to clients, and disbursements to customers are hosted and headless services available to our community. Create products to track in disbursement sales, enable supply-chain payment flows or action withdrawals or pay-outs easily using Coral.

payment breakdown

Drowning in payments data, declines or disputes?

Join our commerce communities and we'll connect you with our consulting team to help improve your success rates and reduce your payment failures. READ MORE

Our Services

What do we offer you? We provide embedded secure checkout services with robust payment orchestration tools, and return relevant data to help businesses grow!

Consumer Payments

Accept payments for all the popular payment & card brands, via our smart checkouts that can be fully imbedded and configured for your user journey designs.

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Payment Orchestration

We create the digital plumbing for your business, enabling you to connect to any partner or sponsor globally, using one secure API or hosted checkout service.

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Secure Checkouts

Our checkouts are secure and capture payments in customizable templates, fully embedded to enable branded checkout user journeys for websites and apps.

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Digital Consulting

With over 20 years in payment and 10 years in digital, we can help you reduce your payment failures by using our experienced team as consultants.

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Risk Management

Security and risk management are pillars to a thriving commerce community. Let us help you get successfully audited and compliant by using our qualified specialists.

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Management Tools

Check your transactions in realtime, search your transaction history for customer support, and easily grow your business with targeted reporting.

Our Applications

How can you use our services? Our commerce communities use our services in many different ways, some of which are listed below.

Online Trade

Businesses with digital and online sales channels use our checkout templates to create embedded user journeys that delight their customers and reduce churn.

Payment Services

Around the world ISOs, Payfacs and PSPs use our platform as their own branded systems, processing payments in their local markets and using us as in-house specialists.

Business Payments

Our clients can make payments to their supply chain, purchase products using digital payments, and do payroll and collections through any of our disbursement services.

Customized Notifications

Fully customize our tools as your own, including our payment notifications via email or messaging. Customers respond better to merchant customized messaging.

'Remote' Payments

On a call with your customer and need them to make an immediate payment? We have the right secure tool for you to take orders on your phone and have your customer pay securely.

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Simple Payments

Clients with basic payment needs can cut and paste our payment checkouts directly into websites, app, and invoices with minimum technical skills.

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Our Partners

Our partners offer our commerce communities essential services to improve revenue and profitability!

About Us?

CoralCommerce operates a Cloud based (Azure) service, offering digital businesses secure and smart user journeys & checkouts infrastructure that they can use to make or accept payments, whether b2b, b2c or c2b, including supply chain management, payment providers, merchants or any participating business in the payment industry. For companies with regional or international ambitions, having multiple service providers has become the norm. CoralCommerce helps aggregate all those service providers for our clients so that they can access multiple payment types and multiple currencies via one single service. Coral commerce communities make us who we are! Meet some of our members.

Adding Card Payments

Payment Service Provider in Tanzania leading the way.

Supply Chain Payments

Payment Facilitator in Kenya making Chinese imports possible.

Wallets with smarts!

Wallet provider in South Africa using embedded checkouts for retail integrations.

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