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Simple Payments
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CoralCommerce uses its experience, expertise and solutions to connect digital businesses with essential services like payment issuance & acceptance, disbursements, deposits, withdrawals, commissions & fees management, and custom checkout flows, with extensive reporting on revenue comparisons, pricing strategies and market segmentation.

The most basic payment method within CoralCommerce, simple payments is a service that pastes payments into whatever digital or online service you have, so that your customers can click or touch a buy-button to checkout and pay. Simple payments can easily be managed using the Payserver admin portal or merchant portal, where it is accessed via the CoralCommerce virtual terminal.

Simple Payments

Simple payments is intended for merchants with basic or one-product / one-service requirements. The CoralCommerce virtual terminal is used to create a shopping cart of products or services that can be sold to any customer. The virtual terminal generates a single string of web code (HTML) that can be pasted into any web page the merchant uses online. This code will render or display a buy-button to customers that they can click on or select, to display the stored shopping cart of products or services. If they agree to purchase, they can select the included 'buy' CTA or button to continue paying for the shopping cart of goods or services using the secure hosted checkouts on CoralCommerce.

  • Register as a merchant
  • Assign an authorized user
  • Log into your merchant portal
  • Select Virtual Terminal
  • Follow the basic instructions
  • Generate the checkout or 'buy' button
  • Copy the code displayed at completion
  • Paste the code into a web page

Customers will see a buy button on the web page or app or online service that the merchant owns, that they can select or click on. By doing so, they will see a rendered shopping list of the goods or services being sold by the merchant as a single or complex offer. They will not be able to change this shopping list of items, they would only be able to select to purchase this list or reject it.

simple payments is used for basic e-commerce offers, where a merchant sells one product or service at one price, or where the merchant sells special offers like a combined or complex product or service that is made up of a few or many other items that is sold as one product or service. This service is a special list of items made into one product or service sold behind one purchase or buy button to any customer.