Services Summary

Consulting Services
What can our experience do for you?

Coral Commerce Limited has over 20 years of experience per team member, and we are all available to help businesses and merchants to improve their digital strategies, reduce their churn, and optimize their approval rates.

Regionally through partners, our consulting services are usually remote web conference based sessions that are available to any of our community members or interested parties.

Our consultants have helped businesses within the financial, telco and retail industries, ranging from mobile networks to banks to software vendors, and many others. Use us as part of your own consulting team or contract us to help your teams directly.

Countries of focus
  • United Kingdom through Digital Works Group Limited
  • United States through CoralCommerce America LLC
  • Kenya and Uganda through the Rokit Group
  • ECOWAS (Excl Nigeria and Ghana) through Celtouch LLC
  • Rest of World through Coral Commerce Limited
Engagement process

Reach out to us on info @ and let us know what specific needs you or your company has that you feel we can help with. We will respond and introduce you to our team, whether local agents or direct team members.

We started 20 years ago or more in physical and virtual payments, and have honed our skills over the past two decades building three payment platforms of our own, all with a global market focus.

Whilst we are lovers of the digital age, we anchor our services in payments as we believe this is a churn point for both businesses and customers alike. We started CoralCommerce to help change two things in the commerce world we experience today, the high churn of digital businesses or put differently the high failure rate of online or digital startups, and the high churn of customers during checkouts online. The former is often as a result of many factors, but one that we feel we can change is the online or digital sales processes, the commerce strategies and the general approach to e-commerce by new digital or online businesses. The latter is where we excel as we help look at user journeys, optimize checkout flows and deep-dive into payments data.

Our consulting services are available in the regions shown, via partners as we always work with local partners where possible. The consulting model is based on a daily rate negotiated with partners and billed in arrears for approved customers.