Services Summary

Making Payments
What do we offer

CoralCommerce connects commerce communities for business to business payment flows, consumer to business payment flows, business to consumer payment flows, wallet applications, and payment rails. Businesses with digital ambitions can start by using embedded checkouts, hosted accounts and secure payments. Mature digital businesses or applications may access the same core services using our APIs.

Using its experience, expertise and platform CoralCommerce enables businesses to make disbursements to purchase goods or to pay local suppliers, make account deposits, allow customer withdrawals, and enable escrow payments for the manufacture and freight of goods.

By connecting to our platform, businesses gain access to our commerce communities and our in-house payment expertise. One access point to many pay-out options around the world. One integration will enable not only the acceptance of payments, but also the making of the following payment types:

Payment Types
  • Cash Replacements
  • Disbursements
  • Payments Out
  • Trade Payments In
  • Trade Payments Out
  • Product Tracking by Payment
  • Pay to Card, EFT, ACH, Mobile Money, Wallet
  • Crypto Payments
Payment Implementation

Businesses can select either our hosted or our headless integration to make payments, though they require a PCI DSS compliance to make card payments via the headless API. The payments out or disbursements can be requested via the same APIs as the payment acceptance transaction flow, so a business would only need to integrate once. Pay your small suppliers in Africa to their mobile phones instead of cash, allow or manage an escrow service for supply chain payments, run payroll or collections, or pay away to customers for withdrawals or winnings or incentives.

The Payserver headless API has been created to enable third parties to post payment requests to CoralCommerce’s payment platform. The API enables messages to be sent to CoralCommerce’s Payserver interface and responses received. The API can be used to access all functions on our platform, with card payments exclusively accessible only to those businesses with valid attestations of compliance for PCI DSS. Functionality extends beyond the ability to make payment requests, and includes the ability to accept payments, the retrieval of payment history, fx rates, profile creation and whitelisting.

The vast majority of businesses use hosted connections to avoid the burden of PCI DSS compliance when they request card pay-outs / withdrawals or disbursements to cards. CoralCommerce offers such a hosted solution called our UCF or universal checkout facility that is suitable to use for both the making of payments and the acceptance of payments. Businesses who implement UCF can access the same functionality as the headless integration affords them, and can even mix the use of hosted and headless for functions other than for card payments unless they are PCI DSS compliant. The virtual terminal can be used to make payments via the merchant admin portal with the flow completely guided to ease users into its functionality.

There are a number of additional functions that support the making of payments by our clients, ranging from transactional notifications to extensive reporting. Notifications can be customized with emails directed through a business's own email service. Reporting includes realtime payment details, sales summaries and transaction status reports. For our business vitality program, CoralCommerce encourages businesses to capture their sales goals to help them track sales by accounting periods and average basket or transaction values. This is specifically applicable in the making of payments functionality within CoralCommerce, as businesses can setup trackers for products sold directly within their admin portal via authorized users.