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Services Orchestration
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What is services orchestration?

Our platform is a cloud based orchestration service. What this means is that we connect one party to many service providers, payment sponsors and tools as required for their business. For complex merchants we connect to many different sponsors and fraud prevention services, for PSPs, Payfacs and ISOs using the platform we provide a way to connect their entire merchant portfolio to their preferred payment sponsor/s, and for agents and referrers we offer multiple options to manage fees and commissions on behalf of their merchants.

Businesses with global ambitions require multiple currencies and multiple MIDs as well as multiple providers for their payment requirements; businesses may also require different local or alternative payment methods, various different payment type configurations with multiple user channels, regional or localized customizations and various payment or checkout journeys. Some business may only require backup payment sponsors for their primary acquirer or sponsor. CoralCommerce 'orchestrates' all these optional configurations for our clients, ensuring their business continues to generate revenue no matter what happens.

Orchestration details

We refer to service providers in our commerce communities as upstream partners, companies that sponsor specific services for our clients and their customers. Downstream partners are our clients and their customers, the beneficiaries of the upstream partner services. Our downstream partners require us to build robust resilient services for their checkout flows, and so our platform has been optimized to connect downstream partners to upstream partners, manage services messages between, reconcile the transaction flows between them, record the transaction types flowing between them, log the important data points in a PCI DSS compliant manner that could assist the downstream partners to support their customers, and manage the notifications required to keep everyone informed of these flows.

Our orchestration services are designed to be configured as per the downstream & upstream commercial agreements, ensuring the platform continues to operate in alignment to those agreements, tracks the fees and commissions agreed in those agreements and ensures that the critical partner routes have alternative options to switch over to once the downstream partner/s agree and approve.

Businesses are able to use any service on our platform through user profiles they approve or request. Orchestration is guided by their agreements with their upstream partners as the platform cannot activate services that the downstream partner has no approved sponsor for. Businesses use one single integration API (hosted & headless are available) to access the platform and its upstream partners. Through the same API all payment services can be accessed and requested, whether payments made or payments accepted.