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Remote Payments
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Remote Commerce

CoralCommerce uses its experience, expertise and solutions to connect digital businesses with essential services like payment issuance & acceptance, disbursements, deposits, withdrawals, commissions & fees management, and custom checkout flows, with extensive reporting on revenue comparisons, pricing strategies and market segmentation.

For merchants or businesses who wish to sell products or services to customers on a call or a chat, remote payments is the ideal and secure service to use. Remote payments can easily be managed using the Payserver admin portal or merchant portal, where the service can be started directly on our virtual terminal.

Simple Payments

Remote payments is intended for merchants who sell products or services to customers remotely via phone or chat. Remote payments is used to create a shopping cart of products or services that is being offered to the customer, and on agreement to purchase, it generates an emailed payment request to the customer whilst they are on the call or chat. The service will include the secure hosted payment link that a customer can select to verify the order and pay for it. Once purchased, the merchant and customer will both be informed in realtime of the outcome including a unique transaction number or ID.

  • Register as a merchant
  • Assign an authorized user
  • Log into your merchant portal
  • Select Virtual Terminal
  • Follow the basic instructions
  • Generate the email for payment
  • See payment request outcome or result
  • Continue to next caller or chat session

Customers will receive an emailed payment request once telephonic or chat payment has been agreed. Within the email the customer will see a rendered shopping list of the goods or services being offered to them. They will not be able to change this shopping list of items, they would only be able to select to purchase this list or ignore the email. On selecting to pay, they will be directed to the securely hosted checkout where they can complete the purchase, including a 3DSecure check for card payments. They will receive the payment result or outcome, which, if successful, will include the transaction ID that the merchant will also receive.

remote payments is used for telephonic or chat commerce, where a merchant offers a specific customer an agreed product or service by telephone or chat. This service is a special list of items made into one product or service sold behind one purchase or buy button to a specific customer during a telephone conversation or a chat session.